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Automotive And Marine Components


  • Our company is a leading supplier within the UK, for the supply of Marine Flexible lmpellers, Gaskets, Self Lubricating Bearings(Cutlass bearings),Throttle Cables and rubber parts,including bellows and hoses. We have now a range of Fuel Filters.A new range of pumps is expected by the end of 2013.
  • We stock near 300 inboard/outboard lmpellers different applications and in excess of a l000 gaskets references, supported by a large range of Self Lubricating Bearings and many popular rubber parts ,and now we have added Fuel Filters.
  • We always offer a quality product and a competitive price together with an excellent delivery service.
  • Our customers include OEM and Aftermarket Distributors and Chandlers. The Quality of our products is assured as our policy is to only use OEM approved manufacturers for supplies.
  • Our stocks are well maintained and we usually offer a 24/48 hour service for UK distribution.

Our company also offer a full Contract Packing service. We can also include the design and the printing of any packaging required. For our Automotive products in June 2009 the Company will add a range of top quality Hydraulic Brake Hoses for most all Automotive applications fully approved to EC and USA safety standards, and at the end of 2010 we will add Automotive Brake and Clutch cables both R/H and L/H. These are now available.New applications are regularly added to the range.  
All made to the highest quality.

We do offer special prices for volume enquiries from OEM or Main Distributors.

Our export markets include the EC-Australia and USA.